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Secret videos of Girlfriends and blackmailing - Urdu TV Program for Girls

A Urdu TV program Sar-e-Aam goes live about Secret videos of Girlfriends and blackmailing of girls females whose personal photos or videos shared and spread on social media facebook or on internet youtube etc by her boyfriend or other people who get into these stuffs.

Think before you get into extra marital relation or love and having photos or videos.



12/3/2012 | fairy  United States | Reply
Visitor Comment   is program me jo kuch b dikhaya gaya or btaya gaya boht hi ibratnak he .....or hum sb girls k liye aik sabaq he . iqrar bhai ap boht hi naik kam kr rahe hen ....Allah ap ko is ki jaza de or ap ko or himmat de ..
12/3/2012 | ailia  United States | Reply
Visitor Comment   wonderful and apperciatable reforming effort ever.credit goes to iqraru hassan to portay every one's effort behind.i wish if girls could no longer trust dream pince who is mostly a devil at the end.only girls dont need to be careful boys also need to be well looked after.
12/5/2012 | rizwan  United States | Reply
Visitor Comment   good job my massage is
plzzz tamam larkeyoon see gozarish hy mat bharosa karo larkoon .halnka my khod larka hoon

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